Monday, 11 February 2019



In my last blog I asked if we can be happy with a chronic illness. 

This time I want to explore another emotion which is common with a chronic illness - the emotion of feeling sad.  

Sometimes I may cry when feeling sad. I wrote about this in a previous blog
It's inevitable that we are going to feel sad at times when we live with a chronic illness like M.E. 

Some become depressed. 

I feel sad 

  • when I look back at the past
  • when I'm reminded of my life before becoming ill
  • by the loss of family and friends
  • when I'm unable to accept an invitation to go out
  • when I have to make a cancellation as I feel too ill
  • when I'm too unwell to travel and visit family or friends
  • when I think of how many have suffered   
  • when I think of those who are still suffering
  • when I think of those who have died and who I have lost to this illness
  • that our suffering has been ignored for so long
  • that so many of us have been pushed into treatments that are harmful
  • by how badly so many are still being treated
  • when I read about horrific stories of suffering
  • that so many young people lose the chance of a life because of this illness 
  • and crying from relief when we are believed 
  • and crying when we are heard
  • and crying when at last it feels like we are being recognised

What makes you feel sad? 

À bientôt
from the French Femme


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