Sunday, 21 June 2015



Comment ca va? 

I want to do a series of blogs about how are relationships are affected by being ill with M.E.

We change with this illness as we can longer function the same. 
So inevitably our relationships and interactions with others change. 

This first blog is about the changing relationship between partners, husbands and wives. Often there are breakdowns and break-ups. 

Some are fortunate to have all help and support that they need. 

Some become abused and isolated. 

Sometimes the partners are unable to cope with this illness and all the complications that arise.  

It must be hard for a loved one to see how we suffer, change and no longer well enough to share the same things.  

So many of us push ourselves beyond our limits because we don't want to let our partners down. There are so many expectations and demands on us.  
We start to feel guilty 

Feeling Guilty

I’m feeling so guilty
Because I can’t help you
But I don’t have a choice
There’s so little I can do

I’m feeling so guilty
This illness is to blame
It’s not really my fault
I’m no longer the same

I’m feeling so guilty
As I depend on you
So please don’t resent me
There’s so much I can’t do

I’m feeling so guilty
As I rely on you
I feel like a failure
When there’s nothing I do

I’m feeling so guilty
Since I really need you
And I’m letting you down
But don’t know what to do

I’m feeling so guilty
I can’t cope without you
But I appreciate
Everything you do

Do you feel guilty? 

I think in the past I have often pushed myself so as to be with my husband and do things with him or for him. 

The problem is that if you don't say how you feel you end up making yourself worse.

I think you need to be honest and open about how you feel. 

Tell your partner how you appreciate all that he or she does to help and support you. I think communication is important. 

Still I guess it's hard to avoid feeling guilty.

Well on that thought I leave you until the next blog about our relationships

A bientot
From the French Femme