Wednesday, 3 February 2016


Bonjour et Bonne AnnĂ©e 

This is my first blog for 2016. Yes I know we are already into February!
Where has the last month gone? 

I want to start this year with questions. 

When I first became ill I had many questions. For a start I did not know what was wrong with me and asked my doctor lots of questions but had no answers. Diagnosis took a long time but when it came I had even more questions!! The answers, however, were very limited. I had to look for the answers myself. 

At the time of my diagnosis I did not have the internet or any other help or support. I searched the answers to my questions in all the books I could find in the library and in my local bookshop. 

One book which I did find that helped me a lot and still helps me is by Doctor Anne Macintyre 'M.E. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: a practical guide' and is explained very well in this video. 

Now I have access to the internet, many web sites and support groups. 
I have answers to some of my questions but not all. 

Questions still remain. 

No doubt everyone who is newly diagnosed will ask the same questions as me

                       Will I die?                         What is M.E.?
                        Is this it?                           What is to blame?
                        Please don`t lie                  It`s new to me
                        Just fix it!                           Don`t feel the same
Why me?                                                                                           Am I dreaming?
Why now?                                                                                         This can`t be real
M.E.?                                                  QUESTIONS                        I`m still breathing?
But how?                                                                                           Yet dead I feel                                                                           
How long will it last?
                                                                                    Will I recover?
                                                                                    I hope it ends fast
                                                                                    Or my life`s over     
                                                            How can you help me?
                                                            What is the treatment?
                                                            GET and CBT
                                                            Is all you present
                                                What else can you tell me?
                                                I need to learn much more
                                                Of this illness M.E.
                                                And what I have in store! 


So where to start when newly diagnosed? 

Some of the answers you can find here in advice for people newly diagnosed with M.E. or CFS. 

After fourteen years I don't know how or why I became ill. 

I still remain ill but I have not died.  Although sometimes I feel like I'm dead!

I have found ways to live with this illness but I have not been cured.  

I have tried CBT and GET and know that they do not help. 

I know a lot more about M.E. and try to help others. 

I know many have been ill longer than me and it can be a lifelong chronic illness.

Life is not the same but it goes on all the same. My life is not over yet.

I still have questions and I'm learning all the time. 

I hope this blog of mine helps others, especially those who have been recently diagnosed and feel overwhelmed.    

I hope that one day mine and your questions are all answered. 

Until then I will keep searching. 

A bientot
From the French Femme