Sunday, 3 August 2014



In recent days I have been reading more about this special day and found a good blog like this one 

Posters and pictures on Pinterest 

Wonderful initiatives like Black dress Selfies  

and a campaign Stop the ME cover up

Whilst I don't have severe M.E. it has set me thinking. I guess I'm mostly on a moderate disability level and that's bad enough! So I can only imagine how it feels if you are at the severe end of this dreadful illness.   

Some time ago I wrote a poem entitled 'Alive but not living' and so to mark this special day I have written a new version to try and capture how it must feel to have severe M.E. and how they are seen as beyond help....


Beyond Help 
Alive but not living
Feel dead yet still breathing
In the dark I’m lying
And silently crying
I try to keep hoping
But nothing is helping
Doctors should be caring
But they’ve stopped visiting
With poor understanding
'Beyond help' they’re thinking
So nothing is changing
I’m left slowly dying
My days never ending
This prison enclosing
Abandoned, despairing
Isolated, waiting
Until my life is ending

So what are you going to do to raise awareness about Severe ME?
This neglect has to  end. It's unacceptable that people should be abandoned and labelled as beyond help. Please join me and share as much information as possible in the days leading up to and including the 8th August.
Thank you
A bientot from the French Femme xxx