Tuesday, 8 January 2019



I want to start my first blog of 2019 on a positive note. So I send all best wishes to those suffering with a chronic illness and hope that this year will be a better and healthier one. We need to hold on to hope. 

I had started to write my blog last week but on reflection felt it was all too depressing and too negative. So I have amended it a little. Yet I can't pretend that all has been well. It's been a difficult time for me over the christmas period.   

As you may know my recent blogs have been about the emotions that we often go through with a chronic illness like M.E.

The emotion that I've been experiencing recently is that of feeling miserable. This is as a result of continuous severe pain, exhaustion, poor sleep, loneliness, estranged from some family, other family and friends at a distance, cold and damp weather, dark days and reminders all around me of christmas in happier and healthier times. 

At times like this it's hard to keep fighting, hard to keep hoping, hard to be happy, hard to pretend, hard to keep on living   


Miserable with no ending in sight
I no longer want to keep up the fight

Now my life has lost all of its meaning
And with it my hope for plans I`m dreaming

How can I go on yet another day?
If I had faith perhaps then I could pray

Nothing seems to have changed with the years past
And I feel my life is declining fast

Miserable and sorry for myself
As if the world has left me on a shelf

Miserable with no ending in sight
But perhaps tomorrow I`ll feel alright!

I have previously written about pain in another of my blogs ' What is your pain level today?'.  This time my pain was at the back of my head, my shoulders and going down both arms. It's a common and reoccurring pain problem for me. I do suffer from other pain issues but this is by far the worst. Pain is one of the many symptoms of M.E.  


Pain in my head
Face or eyes
Throat and glands
Enlarged in size 
Pain in my neck
And shoulder
That makes me
Feel much older 
Pain in my ribs
And my thighs
That takes me
By some surprise 
Pain in my wrists
And each hand
Hard to grasp
Or understand 
Pain in my legs
And in my knees
New to me
How to relieve? 
Pain in my feet
And my toes
Even down
To both my soles! 
Pain in my bones
All way through
It`s so hard

What can I do? 

Fortunately the pain has eased after a week of intensive treatment and rest. I'm starting to feel a bit more positive again. 

One of my good M.E. friends has recently written an excellent blog 'Resolution time and appreciation' which reminded me that I should appreciate what I have  and be grateful for the simple things in life; to be thankful that I'm still alive and able to get up out of bed each day; thankful that I can still see and hear; thankful that I have a comfortable home; thankful that I have some wonderful friends; thankful for the love of my cat Florence. 

So tomorrow is another day and it's time to stop feeling sorry for myself - well for the time being at least! 

A bientôt
From the French Femme



  1. I think you do amazing Ros, we can but take one moment at a time, and ask no more of ourselves or others, so keep on keeping on my friend. x

  2. Go gently with yourself for all passes. It will eb and flow. Reach out know your path does not have to be alone.