Monday, 23 March 2020



In the last week I've heard phrases like 'we're at war', 'a new life for the french people' and 'I've lost my freedom'. All because of the coronavirus. Many people around the world are now confined to their homes and practising self isolation. 

I say in response 'welcome to my world'! 

Some people don't know how they will cope for the weeks of confinement and isolation. Try living like that for years!! Those of us with M.E. have had no choice but to adjust and learn to live in isolation. We've had no choice but to change our lives. We've had to accept all the changes that come with illness. Those with severe M.E. are not only confined to their homes but to their beds.  

So now many are having a small taste of what our life is like. 

Many years ago I wrote a poem and blog about being isolated. You can read it here 

So not a lot has changed for me in recent weeks. I have lost the little face to face contact that I sometimes had. I have lost my cleaner as I don't want to take the risk. This means I have to cope on my own. Even the small tasks can be exhausting. For me and so many others with M.E. it's a battle just to survive day after day. It takes all my energy and force to just keep going. 

Of course some of us with a long term chronic illness like M.E. become depressed. And I'm sure that those who are newly confined may start to get depressed and not know how to pass the time. 

After many years I've become very resourceful in keeping myself occupied and to fight off depression and boredom. Also some years ago I wrote about being bored and suggestions on how to still have a meaningful and interesting life despite illness. I can no longer pursue all the activities that I used to love but I still have a life and value it. You can read my blog here   

Of course when confined and isolated it's akin to being in jail. Sometimes I yearn to escape and go out into the fresh air and take a lovely long walk.  

In a way I feel angry when someone complains to me. I become angry when they don't realise that I'm more vulnerable as I have a neurological condition and at higher risk. 

There are some excellent blogs and information available for people with M.E. and I will give you some links here in my blog 

M.E. International blogs

UPDATED 3/21/20 People with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (#pwME) are experienced at dealing with a dysfunctional immune system, which includes social distancing and avoiding viral infections.  We could teach the world a thing or two about how it's done ... if only they'd listen.  We will try to update this blog as additional information comes to light.


We have created a COVID-19 page on our website where we gathered helpful resources for you. Please bookmark it and check back as wekeep it updated. This is a resource for those with ME and also helpful to other chronic illnesses and disabilities IT SHOULD NOT BE YOUR ONLY RESOURCE. Please follow your local health authority for the most up-to-date information specific to your location. While not your only resource, we do hope it will be one that helps you wade through the information and find what applies to your life as a person with ME or care giver to a person with ME. 

Occupy M.E. 

Safety in isolation 

So stay safe and stay informed. Don't take any risks and ask for help if you need it. 

À bientôt

from the French Femme


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