Sunday, 6 April 2014


Many people with a long term chronic illness become isolated.

There could be a combination of reasons for this. Perhaps you can identify with any or all of the below
  • you lose contact with family and friends who don't understand your illness or who don't know what to say or do.
  • you may become bed bound or house bound and are no longer able to leave the house.
  • you are unable to work.
  • you are no longer able to socialize.  
  • you are too ill to spend long on the phone, if at all
  • you may be too ill to write letters 
  • you may not have access to a computer
  • you may be too ill to spend a lot of time on the internet
  • you may live in an isolated place and are unable to drive or use public transport
  • you live alone
Recently I have felt more isolated than normal.

Why? Simply because I had computer problems and for nearly two weeks I was without one. I lost contact with my friends and family. I lost all the help, friendship and support I find on a daily basis through my computer. Most of it is on face book where I have built up over many years a wonderful network of friends who make all the difference to my life. Without it I felt totally lost, had withdrawal symptoms, felt lonely and started to feel depressed. I had other things I could do and took to writing more poems. But I missed that contact. 

Thankfully I have now resolved my computer problems but it has made me think and realise how my life has changed and how I am dependant on my computer and this virtual world I have created. 

I have written a poem about being isolated 

From all I know
From all I love
Fills me with woe 
From family
Don`t understand
Or visit me 
As friends I lose
Living alone
Now a recluse 
Now friends `online`
Virtual world
Eases my time 
Sick and in pain
My life now changed
Nothing the same 
And so lonely
I cry some tears
Thinking “If only” 
Each endless day
In these four walls
I have to stay 
I hope and pray
I can escape
And get away 
Watching outside
Through my window
Life that`s not mine 
Behind a veil
Trapped inside
Just like a jail
So what can you do to avoid isolation? 
Of course without recovery to full and normal health it's hard not to feel isolated and there is only so much we can do.
Here's my list of suggestions that may help you to feel less isolated and lonely
  • sign up to face book or any other online forums relating to your illness as it helps so much to find others who suffer the same
  • find and join a local support group in your area
  • when you feel well enough arrange to have a chat with a friend or a member of your family who understands and is sympathetic, as even five minutes can lift your spirits
  • write a short letter if you are able and maybe you will receive one in return
  • if you feel well enough go out but plan and make sure you have rests before and afterwards
  • if you feel well enough arrange for a friend or family to visit for a short while but don't be afraid to ask them to leave
  • I find listening to the radio or the tv helps me
Maybe you have other suggestions. I would love to hear from you.
Meanwhile, as in the photo above, this caterpillar has found her wings and can fly away from isolation. 
A bientot from the French Femme


  1. I love this poem. I've got M.E. and that I love riding the and talking with other riders... even when I have no other reason to ride :)

    Walter Irvine blogs collections of observations and amusing stories based on real experiences, as far as you know. You may read his posts on Walt's Inquisitive Ramble at: http:/

  2. Gr8 poem Ros, I too describe myself as a recluse, but i often wonder if things would've been different if M.E hadn't struck, its hard to know if its been bought on by the limitations or wether i would've been an unsociable bugger anyway lol! I'd like to think i would be sociable given the chance. I think you've listed everything possible, its important to have something that you can do by yourself, like you I obviously write and make music, the garden is a source of pleasure too on the rare occassions i can pull a few weeds, I cant imagine what it must be like for someone that doesn't have a hobby, or worse doesn't have a computer. I have a friend who i write too, lives by himself and doesn;t have telly or computer. I would go nutz for sure.;) xxx

    1. Thank you. I was a fairly sociable person before becoming ill and enjoyed being with friends or family. That world has slowly diminished. Although I have things to occupy me and my time I would love sometimes to just go out like before and meet friends. I agree that without my writing and my computer I don't know what I would do xxx