Monday, 10 May 2021



During the month of M.E. awareness I'm pleased to announce the publication of my latest book 

'More of life, love and loss' by The French Femme 

It's been a hard struggle through two relapses and much pain and fatigue but at last it's completed.  

What happens when at the age of 46 you’re suddenly struck down by a mysterious illness? One day you’re fit and healthy. The next day you become seriously ill. You’ve no idea what’s happening to you. Your world is turned upside down. Furthermore no one, including your doctor, believes you. Your life and all that you know and love has to change. How can you accept that your life has to change? What sort of a life can you have now

In this collection of poems as ‘The French Femme’ I reveal how my life has changed after becoming ill with M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis). I recall what my life used to be like before illness and how that compares with my current life. In these poems I express my feelings and frustrations of living with a long term chronic illness. I mourn the loss of my old life and some of those people that used to be in it. Yet, despite my suffering, life still goes on. I still value and appreciate all that’s around me. My new life is in France so some of my poems reflect that life and are written in French. 

In my book you can discover and learn about ‘The French Femme’ and the impact the illness M.E. has had on my life and so many others like me.  

My book is available on Amazon in paperback edition 

or on Kindle 

My book is available on Amazon throughout the world. 

I have published other books of poetry about living with the chronic illness M.E. and you can find them all on my Author's page on Amazon as here  

As with all my other books I will be donating a percentage of all sales to the UK charity ‘Invest in M.E. Research' and have a Just Giving page 

During M.E. awareness week 11th - 17th May I will donate all proceeds from the sale of this book and all my other books to Invest in M.E. Research. 

Au revoir
The French Femme

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