Tuesday, 4 June 2019



Well I made it through awareness raising in May, although it was touch and go at times! 

I want to thank all those who supported me, who bought and shared my book, who shared my posts and poems, who liked my posts and poems, and for all the wonderful comments and feedback. It was mostly empathetic and helpful. Inevitably you can't please everyone and some were upset by my poems and posts. I tried to give warning if the content was sensitive and possibly upsetting. I can understand that some didn't want to be reminded of their illness and how they felt. 

BUT my poems are about the truth and reality of living with M.E. which is a very cruel, harsh and devastating illness. And of course sometimes the truth hurts - even for me. I don't need to be reminded of my illness BUT I do need to make others aware of the suffering. My poems not only express how I have felt ever since becoming ill but those of others. I hope that I am speaking for those who are unable to express how they feel. I hope that I speak for the silent majority and use my voice and my words to do so on their behalf. 

At the beginning of May I nearly gave in and abandoned my awareness raising project. Thankfully from the support of a few good friends I carried on BUT it was not easy. 

Physically I suffered with pains in my hands, arms and shoulders. I had to increase my painkillers and use a support bandage on my hand. Although I paced and rested a lot I found myself needing more sleep. 

Mentally was a challenge as often brain fog would make it very hard to write something sensible! 

Above all emotionally it was very hard and upsetting to look back at my life since I became ill over 17 years ago. I had quite a few tears. 

Still I believe it was all worth it. 

If you missed my poems here is a little video I made 

 Thank you 

À bientôt

from the French Femme

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