Sunday, 3 November 2019



In my recent blogs I have been writing about some of the emotions that we may feel when living with a chronic illness like M.E. 

Feeling vulnerable is possibly at the core of all our emotions. 

Feeling vulnerable can be brought on by any number of reasons but when we become ill with a chronic illness we feel weak.  

Feeling vulnerable comes in many forms and can be physical, emotional, economic, social or environmental.  

Personally I feel as if I have become more vulnerable since falling ill. I feel more fragile, more emotional, more alone, more anxious, unable to cope with so many situations or people, worried about so many things and so prefer to stay in the comfort and safety of my home.  

Do you have those days when you feel so vulnerable and alone?

Do you feel that you have changed with chronic illness? 

It's hard enough dealing and coping with all that life throws at us without a chronic illness on top of all that! 

Personally I feel as if that once strong, independent, confident woman that I used to be has disappeared and I'm not sure she will ever return. 

On some days I have a glimpse of her but it's only short lived before I'm back to this chronically sick person who feels so vulnerable. 


I feel vulnerable
open and exposed.
I feel emotional
and on overload.
I feel so defenceless,
bare and insecure.
I feel so powerless,
weakened and unsure.
I feel loss of control
in all around me.
I feel trapped in a hole,
anxious with worry.
I feel so exhausted
and with no reserve.
I feel energy sapped
and need to conserve.
I feel so neglected,
lonely and alone.
I feel unprotected
so stay in my home.
I feel vulnerable,
very close to tears.
I feel emotional
and panic with fears.
I feel so overwhelmed
uncertain and raw
I feel lost and engulfed
I'm not strong any more

What can we do to help ourselves from feeling less vulnerable?

Here are a few suggestions 
  • talk to someone 
  • ask for help
  • try writing down how you feel
  • cultivate of sense of self worth
  • develop and maintain a sense of humour
Perhaps you have other others. If so I would love to hear from you. 

À bientôt
from the French Femme

P.S. I've reviewed and changed the last line of my poem after a kind and helpful comment. Perhaps it may be more relevant. 


  1. Very well said and I love the way you have worded the poem except maybe the last line although I do suspect it could apply to some but not all x

    1. Thank you for your comment. I wrote this poem a long time ago and sometimes when I go back I rewrite a word or two or maybe a line. In this case the poem could end with the line 'I'm not strong any more' xx

  2. I think it is perfect, beginning to end, exactly how I and so many feel, thank you for sharing ❤️

  3. Absolutely, I was an emergency responder and now I feel vulnerable physically in public places. Following others in thr chronically ill community helps me a lot.