Wednesday, 29 April 2020

31 DAYS IN MAY 2020


May is M.E. awareness month leading up to M.E. awareness week from 11th to 17th May and Tuesday 12th May is ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia International Awareness Day. 

Even though I do some awareness raising all year round I like to do something special or different in May. 

You can see my contribution last year in this blog 

This year I will be posting and sharing a poem every day. 

It was a major undertaking last year and to great detriment to my health. Still I hope it was worth it. 

So this year I will not be sharing around so much and I will be hoping that others will share for me. 

Some of the poems I will be sharing are shortened or amended versions from my books. 

Some of the poems will be new. 

I know last year that I had a mixed reception towards my poems. Some people were upset by some of my poems. Some were pleased that I was prepared to be open and honest about the truth of living with M.E. 

So as last year I will post a warning with some of my more sensitive poems. 

I will continue to raise awareness and understanding. 

The way I can do this is through my poems and my blogs. 

So please help and support me. 

Every day you will be able to find my poems on my Facebook Page 

Thank you

 À bientôt

from the French Femme

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