Sunday, 18 August 2019



We've just gone through yet another severe M.E. awareness day and it feels like nothing has changed. The suffering of so many seems endless. 

This is a video my dear friend Miranda made for the day. She is a very brave and beautiful person. 

It's not about being depressed. It's about wanting the suffering to end - to be relieved from what feels like a living death. 

I've recently seen it described by Keith Jarrett as 'Forever Dead Syndrome' 

As endless years go by it's easy to lose all hope. 

I previously wrote about hope in one of my early blogs. 

I'm still holding on to hope. Are you? 

Ciara Maclaverty is also a fellow writer and invisible sufferer and she says 'Still we hope that some improvement will hit us like a ship out of the fog. 
I don't underestimate how hard it is to keep going, to keep fighting, to keep breathing, to face yet another day. 
I was recently asked by Paddy Bates in a podcast as to whether I had hope. You can listen to it here or on iTunes or Spotify. 

I always try to maintain an element of hope. Otherwise I think that I could become very depressed. I'm hoping one day something will happen, something will change and that there will be a breakthrough and that we will all be validated. People will say that we were really ill after all and not making it up! I hope that something will happen in my lifetime and that the cause or maybe more than one cause, will be found. I hope for more clarification, more support, better understanding and maybe a simple cure. We can all hope for that. So hold on to hope. 

In the meantime we all have to learn to live with this illness. I've kept myself going by writing my poetry and my blogs. Of course we are all different to a certain extent and find our own way of surviving. 

I'm just going to end by thanking Paddy Bates for inviting me on to his show. Please take a listen to my podcast and those others that he has done. 

À bientôt
from the French Femme

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