Sunday, 8 January 2017



Bonne Année et meilleurs voeux pour 2017. 

It's that time of year when we look back and reflect as well as thinking about the year ahead. 

For me personally, 2016 brought a lot of changes in my life. Inevitably this has had an effect on my health and I've had some setbacks. 

It's been 14 years since I first became ill and with what seemed like flu that never went away. I like to think that over the years since then I have learnt how to manage my illness but sometimes it surprises me and reminds me that it's a permanent part of my life. 

M.E. is a complex and forever changing illness. There are so many symptoms that fall under the umbrella of M.E.

You can find different lists of symptoms and one of the most comprehensive is on the web site Hummingbirds' Foundation for M.E.  

These symptoms are forever changing. Sometimes new symptoms develop. Not everyone suffers with all the same symptoms and there are different levels of disability.  

However there are certain core symptoms which are required for diagnosis. The latest criteria is The ME International Consensus Criteria 2011 

A patient 

  • will meet the criteria for post-exertional neuroimmune exhaustion (A), 
  • at least one symptom from three neurological impairment categories (B), 
  • at least one symptom from three immune/gastro-intestinal/genitourinary impairment categories (C), and 
  • at least one symptom from energy metabolism/transport impairments (D)
There are so many symptoms that it can feel like a complete system breakdown that affects every part of the body. And what's more many of these symptoms are difficult to see or explain. 

So in order to continue to raise awareness and understanding, in 2017 I hope to publish a new book of poems entitled 'So many symptoms'. So watch this space!

So many symptoms

There are so many symptoms
Which come along with M.E.
And make it extremely hard
To diagnose properly

There are so many symptoms
How do you know it`s M.E.?
With no one simple, clear test
It seems like a lottery.

There are so many symptoms
Which are confused with M.E.
No wonder there is much doubt,
Delay and anxiety

There are so many symptoms,
Which are difficult to see.
So doctor`s don`t believe us
And question our sanity

There are so many symptoms
Which come along with M.E.
A complete system breakdown
That affects the whole body. 

A bientot
From the French Femme 


  1. Hi Ros, belated happy new year to you, great blog as always, it does indeed still keep surprising us, no matter how many years a sufferer, i don't think it's something we ever get use to? Looking forward to your new book, but first and foremost take care of you :) x

    1. Thank you and happy new year to you Stacy. Yes I am dealing with all personal matters first. BUT I'm determined to get this book published in 2017!!