Friday, 24 July 2015



I have been inspired by so many people who have been taking up the Chilli ME Challenge and especially by the video posted today by Mama Chill

It has in turn inspired me to write a poem and encourage others to do the same. 

The chilli is hot
The challenge is now
It's all for M.E.
But do you know how? 

Make a video
And eat a chilli
No matter how hot
It's all for M.E. 

Have your milk ready
To help with the heat
Your mouth is on fire
As it's no mean feat!

Share your video
For many to see
Let's spread the message
It's all for M.E.  

So why are so many taking up this challenge? 

Because we need to do all we can to bring attention to the plight and suffering of so many with M.E. which can be a lifelong illness.

We need to raise awareness and biomedical research funds

One way we can do this is by making hilarious chilli-pepper-eating videos.

Are you ready to take up the CHILLI ME CHALLENGE? 

A bientot 
From the French Femme xxx

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  1. Thank you for posting about the #chilliMEchallenge! Every one, be brave and stand up as a voice for those who suffer in silence with M.E.