Sunday, 14 December 2014



Sadly it's going to be a lonely Christmas for me and many other people, especially those with a chronic illness like M.E.

For me it will be the first Christmas on my own BUT it will be less stressful,  easier to manage, quieter and peaceful. I can do as I please and if I want stay in my pyjamas all day!   

Recently  I've made a decision to change my life, to put myself and my health first. It's not been easy and it's hard adjusting to being on my own. Yet it has already opened new doors and inspired me to do different things. One of these is to write my first poem in French after my preferred French singer, Johnny Hallyday, and his latest release Seul

So my poem sums up my situation right now and how I feel 

En tristesse
J’ai pleuré 

La musique
J’ai écouté  

Paix et calme
J’ai trouvé 
C’est mieux
Pour ma santé  

Enfin J’ai
Ma liberté

For those who don't understand the French here's a translation


In sadness
I have cried

The music
I have listened

Peace and calm
I have found

Is better
For my health

At last I have
My freedom
Despite all that has happened to me in recent months I don't feel truly alone. This is because I have been overwhelmed by the kindness of so many friends and I have found new friends. My poem expresses how I feel about the kindness I have found.  
The kindness of others
Who all suffer the same
Provides me with support
And helps to keep me sane! 
When I read your kind words
Tears well up in my eyes
Emotion overwhelms
Taking me by surprise 
Such a little kindness
I find goes a long way
And makes a difference
To a difficult day 
A few kind words and thoughts
I sure appreciate
And I thank you so much
My friends are truly great.
So I want to finish this year by thanking all my wonderful friends who have helped and supported me and have never given up on me. I couldn't have done it without you.
All that remains is to say that I feel like this is another chapter in my life and the chance to start over. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 
   I have plenty of resolutions for the new year of 2015. I hope you do too.
Joyeuses fêtes et Bonne Année
A bientot en 2015
from the French Femme xxx


  1. Love both of the Poems Ros and wish you a Peaceful and Rewarding Christmas- you deserve it xxx

  2. Thank you and the same to you Mary xxx

  3. Love the English poem Ros, what a way with words you have. Could not understand the French one, sorry... Wishing you strength and better health for this Christmas and the coming New Year. Peace, light and gentle hugs to you xxx

  4. Thank you Karen. I'll add a translation of the French poem for you and anyone else. All best wishes for you over Christmas and in the New Year xxx

  5. Absolutely Right!

    I love your positive poetry.

    Being on our own gives us a chance to do exactly what is the most healthful for us I find it easier to consider my life and how i want the next year to develop and how I can help that come to fruition.
    Peaceful solitude gives me the chance to use my thoughts as a springboard to recognizing and doing more healthful practices and loving myself.
    I tell myself with a computer reminder daily that I love myself and forgive all my past and future mistakes as a human being. Hugs from Suella

  6. Thank you Suella. I'm working on changing the negative into the positive xxx