Wednesday, 16 April 2014


I want to dedicate a series of blogs to those who have helped and supported me. They are an inspiration to me in all they do in the cause of raising awareness and understanding of M.E.  (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis)

The first is Jo Best who kindly wrote the introduction to my book
'My A-Z of M.E.' and who does so much despite suffering herself with M.E.

She is very active on face book and in raising funds for the charity Invest in ME.

Recently she posted something which has inspired me to write a poem.

M.E. is usually a long term or even lifelong chronic illness. It's relentless and there is rarely a good day. We forget what it's like to feel 'normal'. There are so many symptoms and each day feels like a battle. We would do anything to have a break or escape from this life which has been imposed on us. We need a holiday from our life with M.E. 

So this is  dedicated to her


I need a holiday
To walk away from me
To become someone else
And to live normally

I want a holiday
A break from all the pain
I’ve forgotten what’s it’s like
To feel normal again

I need a holiday
To escape from M.E.
A break from this battle
That I must face daily

I want a holiday
A break away from me
A break from this illness
To become M.E. free

I need a holiday
To escape this life now
To rediscover me
If only I knew how

Thank you Jo for all that you do and all the help and support you have given to me and many others. 
Let's hope that we all have a permanent holiday from this illness one day! 
Merci beaucoup
The French Femme
A bientot

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