Friday, 21 August 2020



In the current health situation with the COVID-19 many of us are having to wear masks. This is for our protection and protection of others. 

Recently a friend of mine bought an African mask. I have been reading a little about the origin of masks and African masks in particular. African masks are very different and have altogether a different use and meaning.  

This started me thinking about my invisible mask that I often wear. You may ask what do I mean by that. Well let's start by looking at the meaning of and the synonyms for a mask. They are to hide, conceal, disguise, cover up, obscure, screen, cloak, camouflage, veil, mantle, blanket or enshroud. 

Unlike those who have recently become ill with the coronavirus, I have been ill and living with M.E. (Myalgic Encepahlomyelitis) for 18 years now. In a way I'm used to wearing a mask. 

Sometimes I smile and pretend that I'm really ok and not ill. I put on my invisible mask. But behind my smile and my invisible mask I am hiding how I really feel and how I suffer. 

I've adapted a photo that I took of my friend's mask to demonstrate what may behind my invisible mask and smile. 

Behind my mask I may hide my suffering 

 Behind my mask you have no idea of the battle I face each and every day 

Behind my mask you have no idea of how many times I've cried 

Behind my mask you have no idea of all that I've lost and how my life has changed with this illness

Behind my mask you can't easily see how I'm fragile inside 

Behind my mask you can't see how I often feel like I'm dying 

Do you have an invisible mask? What do you hide from others? 

Of course it's not always possible to wear that mask, especially when we are so very ill. Then it's clear how we are suffering. 

À bientôt

from the French Femme


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