Sunday, 29 September 2019



This is going to be a short blog as I have been suffering with what could be yet another symptom of M.E. 

There are so many symptoms of M.E. that it feels like a whole system breakdown and not one part of the body seems to be exempt. 

Please take a look at my previous blog and poem  about the symptoms of M.E. 

I've also found as the years go by my symptoms change, some become less severe and some new ones appear. 

The latest in my long list of symptoms is the development of dry and itchy eyes. On doing a little bit of searching and asking others who have M.E. I found that experiencing dry eyes is a symptom that is often reported by people with M.E

Vision problems with M.E. are often reported and include 
  • Difficulty or slowness in focusing on objects, usually those that are close up
  • Not being able to see objects in side or peripheral vision — some say they feel as though they have tunnel vision
  • Feeling dizzy and not being able to tolerate looking at moving objects
  • Seeing floaters and flashes of light
  • Being intolerant to light — “They find it uncomfortable to be in brightly lit rooms and outdoors in the bright sunshine,” Dr. Rowe says.
  • Feeling as though eyes are dry or that they burn, itch, or feel gritty `
Anyway I'm well and truly fed up and after watching an episode of Doctor Who I've decided that I would like a new body and to regenerate like Doctor Who often does.  

It could be the answer to all my problems! 

Until next time and maybe a regeneration into something new - well I can dream!!! 

À bientôt
from the French Femme

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