Thursday, 21 June 2018



Since my last blog I've been trying to recover from the after effects of M.E. awareness month. Maybe some of you have been feeling the same. 

When you become ill with a chronic illness it's normal to go through so many different emotions. One of them I've felt is to be angry. 

You may also feel angry because 

  • your life has changed
  • you can no longer do the things that you once enjoyed
  • you hate feeling sick every single day and every minute of that day
  • you see no ending in sight
  • you feel lost and cheated of the life that could have been yours
  • you are so fed up of the pain and all the multitude of different symptoms
  • you are angry because your dreams and ambitions seem to have ended
  • you feel as if all hope is lost
  • you hate the life that you now have and find it hard to accept
  • you feel sad, you feel mad, you shout, you cry in anger and frustration
  • you hate being ill and disabled
  • you hate your illness and want it all to end


I hate you
Look what you`ve done!
My life is gone.

I hate you
Making me sick
So very quick

I hate you
Please go away
Why do you stay?

I hate you
You`ve cheated me
Of all that`s me

I hate you
Here all the time
Wrecked life of mine

I hate you
Give me a break
From pain and ache!

I hate you
For ending dreams
No hope it seems

I hate you
And my life now
But accept how?

I hate you
You make me sad
You make me mad!

I hate you
I cry and shout
Just go, get out!

I hate you
You make me cry
And I ask why?

I hate you
Poison in me
Known as M.E.  

I think that it's ok to once in a while release some of the anger and frustration and have a shout or a good cry. 

The danger is if you allow this to consume you and takeover. It's so easy to fall into a depression and feel sorry for oneself. But that won't really help. 

We have to find ways to combat and deal with the feelings that come our way. I personally try to find something that will distract my thoughts or try a little meditation. 

What helps you to deal with your anger? 

In the next blog I hope to be discussing another feeling that we may all experience. 

Until then....  

A bientot
The French Femme