Tuesday, 17 April 2018



Coping with change is not very easy for me and I think that's the case with anyone with M.E. or other chronic illness. 

I cope as long as my days and my life stays much the same. 

However change is part of life and can not be always avoided. Some change may be a decision we make. Some change is for the better and may be pleasant. Some changes can be for the worse and may bring on a relapse. 

One change I chose to make recently was to adopt a cat. She's called Florence and is absolutely delightful but does require a bit more effort on my part to look after her and watch all that she gets up to every day! 

There are some benefits of having pets when you live with a chronic illness - unconditional love, having a structure in your life, having to look after something else, helps reduce your blood pressure and helps with loneliness. However there is a responsibility and it may be expensive and you will most likely need help in looking after your pet. I certainly feel that Florence is making a change that's helping me through. 

I'd love to hear about your pets and what difference they've made to your life.   

One change that can bring on a relapse is a sudden climatic change. I have difficulty in adjusting to temperature changes and the seasons, especially if sudden and dramatic. You can read more about the problems I have experienced and the loss of thermostatic stability in my previous blog HOT AND COLD . 

Where I live in France a sudden increase in temperatures is expected this week. It feels like we are going straight from Winter into Summer. I'm already having difficulty in adjusting.  

I have written a poem about such a change 

Out of season

Daffodils have hardly faded away,
When a hot summer sun invades the day.
The tulips stand bold and bright in full bloom
When high temperature arrives too soon.
Blossom buds are only just unfurling
When the sun’s powerful rays start burning.
Spring flowers wilt and die with the heat
Their life short, curtailed, the loss of all sweet.
Fruit and vegetables grow in advance
The seasons seem to be out of balance.
Lambs are barely able to stand or walk
When it’s summer and not spring we now talk.
Yet a cuckoo has just started to sing
A sure sign that we have arrived in spring!
The deck chairs are still stacked in garden store
So we quickly retrieve to use once more.
Winter jumpers now far too hot to wear
We discard for tee shirts and the arm bare.
Last year’s sandals are worn out and faded
No time to buy some new or upgraded.
The Easter eggs have yet to be savoured
Now cold drinks or ice creams are favoured.
Spring has passed by and barely shown its face
Instead usurped by summer in the place!

So excuse me while I go and check on Florence and find a t-shirt and flip flops!! 

A bientot 
The French Femme xxx

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