Thursday, 7 December 2017



I'm writing this blog 'en tristesse' because of the death of Johnny Hallyday yesterday, the 6th December 2017. 

Yes I know this isn't my normal type of blog but he has been part of my life since becoming ill in 2003. 

It's strange how sometimes one change in your life can lead to so many different things that you never imagined. 

When I became ill in 2003 I felt like my world had come to an end. I felt so ill and thought that I was dying. I could no longer do the things that I loved and lost all interest in life. 

Then out the blue I met a french man. We fell in love and he introduced me to Johnny Hallyday. I didn't really know much about this french singer before but as soon as I listened to his music on the cd 'A la vie, a la mort' I was hooked. I suddenly felt that maybe I had a chance of a new life and that all was not lost. I had something to take my mind off my illness, all the suffering and the pain. 

Later I moved to France and married my french man. Over the years we enjoyed and shared our love and passion for Johnny Hallyday. When able I went to see Johnny Hallyday live in concerts. They were always amazing and so emotional. What a showman! 

So today I mourn for the loss of Johnny Hallyday and for the marriage that has also ended. 

I have so many memories, some very special. 

It would be hard to say which is my favourite song but perhaps  'Vivre pour le meilleur' is the one I would choose as it reminds me of love in my life and striving to be better, striving to do the best I can despite all my health difficulties and the problems I face. 

This poem is my small tribute to Johnny   

Johnny Hallyday
On a tous aime
La vie sans toi
Sera pas la même

Johnny Hallyday
Nous a quittés
Beaucoup de larmes
Depuis j’ai pleuré

Johnny Hallyday
Repose en paix
Toutes les chansons
On oublie jamais  

I have used a lot of tissues in the last 24 hours and will probably need more in the next few days. 

Adieu Johnny and rest in peace. 
Gone but never forgotten
All my love 
The French Femme xxx