Saturday, 3 June 2017



Recently I was told that I'm too sensitive and I replied by saying "Well, yes I am actually!"  

Being sensitive is part of our illness and included in the many symptoms of M.E.

Sensitive to -

  • light (I mostly wear dark glasses when I go out and I spend a lot of my time in a darkened room )
  • odours ( I can't tolerate perfume, cigarette smoke and so many other smells)
  • noise ( I feel overwhelmed in lots of noise and prefer the peace and quiet)
  • food sensitivities (I have become intolerant to gluten and dairy)
  • chemical sensitivities ( I have to use all household and beauty products that are perfume free and hypoallergenic)    
  • sensitive to medications ( I am intolerant to most medications and have a bad reaction) 
  • sensitive to infections and viruses ( I seem to pick up any infections or viruses very easily and it takes a long time for recovery)
  • sensitive to extremes of temperature  ( I suffer more in very hot or very cold weather and especially rapid changes in temperature which has brought on a relapse in the past) 
  • sensitive to touch ( I find some clothes and  materials hurt or irritate me) 
  • hypersensitivity ( Going out can be an overwhelming experience. It feels like all my senses have kicked into overdrive. I can feel bombarded by all the lights, crowd noise, traffic noise and odours)
  • sensitive emotionally  (I am easily hurt and burst into tears easily - the technical term is 'labile') 
  • sensitive to stress and emotional situations (It makes all my symptoms worse and can even bring on a relapse)   
So I've made some personal choices and decisions, and still do so, in order to protect myself. I have chosen to live alone in a very quiet and calm area. I have ended relationships. I have learnt to say "No!". I am constantly trying to put myself and my needs first. But we all know how hard that can be in a world where so many demands are made on us and so many people misunderstand.         


Sensitive to
So many things
Around me

Sensitive to
So much noise that
Surrounds me

Sensitive to
Any bright light
Which blinds me

Sensitive to
Many smells that
Confront me

Sensitive to
Food I eat which
Upsets me

Sensitive to
Many drugs that
Should help me 

Sensitive to
Chemicals that
Affect me

Sensitive to
Any stress that
Panics me

Sensitive to
So much and tears
Come quickly

Sensitive to
So many things
Around me

So I want to   
Hibernate and
Protect me! 

So until next time look after yourself and make your life as comfortable and stress free as possible. 

A bientot!  
From the French Femme