Thursday, 13 April 2017



I hope you're not too busy to take a few minutes to read my latest blog! 

Before becoming ill I had a full and busy life. It felt as if I didn't have enough hours in the day or days in the week to do all that I wanted to do or achieve. 

Now I feel as if I have too many hours in the day and days that seem to never end. But I just don't have the energy or feel well enough to do the things that I would like to do or need to do. 

I feel detached from the real world. 

Family and friends seem so busy with their lives.  

It reminds me of a Star Trek episode "Wink of an eye" where the crew of the Enterprise come across a race of aliens who have been poisoned by the radiations from the core of their planet resulting in an incredibly accelerated metabolism. So the crew are unable to see them and just hear a buzzing sound like an insect. They find the buzzing is actually voices at a sped-up pace. They are a race of beings who move through time at a rate so fast that they're all but undetectable

I too feel as if I'm in slow motion like the crew of the Enterprise in this episode and everyone else is moving so fast that they are almost unseen.  

It can feel like I'm forgotten. That just adds to the loneliness and isolation. 

Having a long term chronic illness can isolate us from family and friends. 

Do you feel the same?   

                                                  Too busy

You say you’re too busy
To come and visit me
Too busy with your life
No time to spare for me

You’re always so busy
And have no time for me
Too busy with your life
Have you forgotten me?

You always seem busy
No time to talk with me
Too busy with your life
To even think of me

You’re always so busy
That once used to be me
Now I’m isolated
And I feel so lonely

You say you’re too busy
But please come and see me
Just stop for a moment
That will make me happy

Au revoir 
From the French Femme xxx