Tuesday, 7 March 2017



I'm sorry if this blog is somewhat negative and depressing but this is the reality for so many. 

Feeling trapped is common amongst people with M.E. and most likely for those with other chronic illnesses. 

We are trapped 

  • physically by illness
  • in our own bodies
  • in our own homes 
  • in our bedrooms
  • in darkened rooms as we have become sensitive to all light and noise
  • in relationships that may have become abusive
  • dependant on others
  • we feel alone and helpless
  • perhaps feel suicidal
  • feel stuck and that there is no escape
  • feel that we there is nowhere we can go
  • feel that we no longer have any control of our lives
  • feel that it's going on forever without end
  • feel that we are imprisoned 
  • feel that there is no way out  
  • feel trapped in an alternative world


Inside this body I feel trapped
Hard to move and energy sapped.
A pain that keeps me in this shell
It’s like my own personal hell.
Unable to open my eyes,
Get dressed or out of my bed rise.
Like a bubble, smaller each day,
I see my life slipping away.
Cut off and in my home I hide,
To relinquish that world outside.
Isolated from all I’ve known
Now living my life all alone.
It’s like I’ve moved to M.E. land
A country hard to understand
No longer able to see me
That person I wanted to be.
This world is not of my choosing
And now there’s so much I’m loosing
Friendships difficult to maintain
My illness too hard to explain
My family all stay away
Avoid me, unsure what to say.
I want to end this trapped feeling
And to find a way of healing.
I want to break free from this pain
So I can start living again.
I want to escape this purdah
I feel I can go no further!

I live in hope that one day we will all be able to break free....... 

From the French Femme