Wednesday, 18 May 2016



Now we come to the end of M.E. Awareness Week I wonder if a difference has been made. Is there any more awareness and understanding of M.E.? 
I certainly hope so. 

It's been overwhelming to read so many sad stories and the continuing struggle against this cruel illness and the inhumanity of it all. 

Life can be hard enough without a chronic illness so it's no wonder that we all find ourselves crying at times. I'm not exempt.  


I have a cry today
As memories revive
Of life that`s gone away
And how I just survive

My angry tears do fall
It`s really so unfair
Injustice of it all
Right now too hard to bare.

I cry with frustration
When the words elude me
It`s a degradation
Of my ability

I find myself crying
When I try to explain
There`s no understanding
Of how much I`m in pain

Today I start crying
I`m fed up with life now
Why should I keep trying?
What`s the point anyhow? 

I have a cry today
This is no life for me
Sick of feeling this way

Because of my M.E.! 

So how do we continue? How do we live with this chronic illness? 

Perhaps some cope better than others. 

Some find relief in sharing with others who suffer the same. 

I think we all find our own way. 

Unfortunately some don't. 

I don't have any magic solutions. 

I hold on to hope that one day things will change.  

On that note I finish this blog

Au revoir 
from the French Femme xxx