Thursday, 10 December 2015



So here we are again only a couple of weeks away from Christmas. 

For many it's a difficult time. 

Perhaps there are painful memories associated with this time of year. 

Perhaps we are reminded of what Christmas used to be like. 

For people with a chronic illness like M.E. we can no longer participate in all the festive activities like before. 

For many it will mean a Christmas alone. 

There are constant reminders everywhere of Christmas in the past. 

There are so many reminders of what we are missing.

It's hard not to think of happier and healthier times. 

We are reminded of family and friends that are no longer with us. 

Many of us are too ill to join our family and friends. 

I personally have some mixed memories of Christmas throughout my life. A part of me wishes and longs for those day again. But it's not helpful to look back in the past. We have to look at what we have now and make the most of our situation. 

This poem I wrote is not just about Christmas but how we there are reminders around us all of the time. 


Are all around me
Of a life once mine
Of another time.

Stir up emotions
Take me by surprise
Of my past and those
Memories revive.

Some that are happy
And will make me smile
Sometimes sad and then
I cry for a while.

Are all around me
Of my life gone by
So hard to avoid,
Even though I try.  

This year I'm going to make some new memories. I'm going to try not to let the reminders of the past spoil this Christmas. 

I hope you are able to do the same. 

So I want to wish you a very Happy Christmas and Joyeux Noel

Au revoir 
From the French Femme