Monday, 21 September 2015



I'm so bored? 

So why bored? 

As endless days go on and on
By mindless days with the tv on
And pointless days I try to fill
And hopeless days when I feel ill
When sleepless nights just pass so slow
By aimless weeks with nought to show
As endless years go on and on 

When we become ill with M.E. or another chronic and long term illness our lives change. We can no longer go out to work or do all the things that we used to love and enjoy. We have to learn to change and adapt. 

What we can now do depends on the level of our illness, our symptoms and our resources. 

I recall in the early days of becoming ill I spent many hours watching mind numbing day time tv and hoping that this would just be a temporary situation. 
But it wasn't and over the years I've had to find other ways to fill the never ending days. Otherwise I might have gone mad or become very depressed!!  

So here are some of the ways I have found. I'm fully aware that not everyone will be able to take up all or any of these activities, especially for those who are severely ill. 

Audio books

Free audio books online

Nature sounds

Guided meditation 

Kindle books and Kindle unlimited


Virtually visit other places

You tube

Jigsaw puzzles real or online

Crosswords real or online



Arts and crafts for adults

Free online courses

Learning something new

Write a book

Write poetry

Write a blog

Listen to music
eg radio, cds, applications online, you tube

Listen to Podcasts


Join Facebook or other online support groups

Of course when you start to investigate the list and choices are endless. This just a small selection.

Maybe you have some other ideas. If so I would love to hear about them.  

So until the next time try not to end up bored! Give some of these ideas a try. 

Au revoir 
From the French Femme xxx