Sunday, 11 January 2015


Bonjour et Bonne Année 
It’s that time of year again when many people make new resolutions and changes in their life. 

It's also a time to look back at the previous year and reflect on all that has happened.  
 2014 was a particularly difficult year for me and I faced many challenges. It began with a lot of pain and I went into a pain clinic for a week. That helped me to develop new strategies and ways of dealing with and coping with pain. Following that some of my problems of pain have diminished.
I faced many difficulties in my marriage and the stress took has taken its toll on my level of health.  So I had to look at my life and make a decision for my health and my morale. It’s a hard and brave decision to take that first step but a necessary one.
People with a chronic and long term illness often have to adapt and make changes in their lives. At the beginning we struggle to accept and come to terms with illness.  Sometimes we have no choice but to accept and make changes in our lives. Of course along with change comes the inevitable grieving. It could be for our former life or for a lost friendship or relationship.  It’s hard to accept that things must change and at first we fight against making those changes. We are in denial.   
It`s a bad case of flu
I`m sure I`ll recover
In just a week or two
Then it will be over 
I`ll push through this feeling
There`s nothing wrong with me
I`ll soon start to healing
And feel fine and healthy
I hate feeling like this
What`s happening to me?
I know something`s amiss
I`m running on empty 
I can`t go on the same
But I don`t want to stop
Something will have to change
Otherwise I`ll soon drop 
I refuse to accept
There`s something wrong with me
Many tears I have wept
Frustrated and angry 
Perhaps if I rest more
Or stay in bed all day
I`ll get back as before
And this will go away 
It`s all so frustrating
Despite all that I`ve done
I feel like I`m sinking
And my life has all gone 
I want my old life back
This really is not fair
At work I got the sack
And I can`t go back there 
Now there`s uncertainty
In the future for me
Must face reality
A new life with M.E. 
It`s all so depressing
I`ve lost what once was me
And all that I`m dreaming
 Now taken by M.E. 
I think this is my fate
So trying to accept
And let go of my hate
But it`s a hard concept

I`m coming to terms now
With a new life for me
I`ve no choice anyhow
But to live with M.E.

So here I am now in 2015 reviewing my life. I have already made some changes and plan more for the coming year ahead.  It’s all a bit scary but for the first time I’m doing what’s right for me and my long term health. For the first time I’m saying “No!” and no longer prepared to continue the same way. It’s TIME FOR CHANGE!

Maybe it’s time for you to take a look at your life and your relationships. What can you do to make changes, big or small? I’m not saying it’s easy but you owe it to yourself. We only have one life and even if suffering from a chronic illness like M.E. we should try and make the best of it.  

Time for change
Let go of
The past 
Time for change
To accept
At last 
Time for change
No longer
Look back 
Time for change
And take a
New track
Time for change
To find a
New me 
Time for change
Chance to be
Personally I am going through a lot of changes and I have new ideas, plans and projects for 2015.
 So watch this space!

A bientot
From the French Femme xxx

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