Saturday, 22 November 2014


Bonjour! Comment ca va?

Yes the French Femme is back and fighting. 
I've been absent for a few months while dealing with a few personal problems.
I reached a low point where I wanted to end it all. But somehow I found the strength to carry on. I was helped and supported by some wonderful friends.
So I want to start this blog by thanking those who have stood by me and never gave up on me. 

Well I've got that off my chest and now for the rest of my blog. 

In the last week I read and was very moved by another blog    

I was not alone. 

It has inspired me to write a poem and I've used some of the key words from this blog.

This illness messes up our lives completely and in so many ways .... 

Stop messing with me! 

You’re messing with me
Just fooling around
To make me believe
That I’m M.E. free 

You’re messing with me
Blowing hot or cold
Forever changing

You’re messing with me
Give me a good day
Then you take it back
So very quickly 

You’re messing with me
Letting me push through
Until I collapse
And crash severely 

You’re messing with me
In my head and mind
Just when all seems clear
A fog surrounds me 

Stop messing with me
Don’t give me false hope
Don’t make me feel worse
Just make me healthy!

It's the unpredictable nature that messes us about and makes it hard to manage. That also makes it difficult for others to understand.
I myself have had periods when I've been so well that I've been able to do some decorating but then so ill that I could hardly leave my bed. 
So how can we fight this unpredictability? 
Pacing and rest are the two strategies that seem to work the best in managing M.E. and so to avoid post-exertional malaise or a relapse
Even so it's very hard to predict each and every day.
We can still get caught out and tricked into thinking that we are on the path to recovery or feel that we are getting worse.
I just want to get better and I'm sure you feel the same.
I want to stop M.E. messing with me!

A bientot
From the French Femme


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