Saturday, 16 November 2013

Why write poetry about M.E.?

I know poetry is not everyone`s cup of tea but I have found it to be a good way to express how I and others feel about living with this dreadful illness. 

It`s a simple but effective method to say directly and succinctly what it`s like to live with ME.

It`s a simple and easy way to help others to understand what it`s like to live with ME.

My poems are a window on a life with ME, how it affects and changes lives, the suffering with so many symptoms, the lack of understanding, the emotions and experiences that so many have in common.

Many people find it difficult to explain what it`s like to live with ME. 
Usually it`s only others who suffer the same who can understand and empathise.
Through my poems I want to increase the level of understanding and to help others to feel less alone with this illness. 

I have been writing poems for many years and it`s only more recently that I  have started to focus more on ME. Writing poems has helped me to cope with this very difficult illness. I have found it has helped me to write it down and put into words how I feel. At times it has been a painful and emotional process - especially when I`ve read back the poems to myself. I guess seeing it in black and white hits home and the reality of my life since becoming ill.

Maybe you will have the same reaction when you read my poems. Maybe you will have gone through the same experiences, felt the same emotions and faced the same problems. Maybe you will feel a sense of relief, that you are not going crazy and above all that they are not alone. If that is the case then all my efforts will have been worth while. 

If you have been diagnosed with ME, or even another invisible illness, I hope you will be able to identify with my poems. I want you to know that you are not alone.

If you don`t have ME I hope that my poems help you to understand this difficult and complex illness.

I hope that it will help you to gain some small insight to what it`s like to live with ME.

This is the first poem I wrote about ME and formed the basis of my book of poems about ME.

The book is called `My A-Z of M.E.` (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) by Ros Lemarchand and is available on Amazon.  
In paperback from Amazon UK.
Kindle version on Amazon UK
Kindle version on

 At no extra cost, if people go to Amazon via easyfundraising, a donation will be made to IiME at no extra cost to the buyer, and easyfundraising really is easy to register with (just an email addy and password) and use.

A percentage of sales will be going to Invest in ME

If you don`t have a kindle you can download the application here
I look forward to sharing more about me, ME and my poems in future blogs.
Au revoir!
From the French femme



  1. Well done on the book Ros, and also on your first blog, may it be the first of many :) xxx

    1. Thank you Mama Chill. I appreciate your help and support xxx

  2. I should also have made the following thanks.
    Thank you to M.E. Awareness: Words and Pictures for the artwork for this poem